MommySlim 14 FREE Meals Offer
MommySlim 14 FREE Meals Offer
MommySlim Helps Trim The Unwanted Pounds Left Over From Pregnancy

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On the Only Weight Loss Plan Designed for Busy Moms

Join the thousands of women who’ve lost weight with help from one of the tasty, easy to follow, WonderSlim plans! Now, with the MommySlim program, new moms looking to return to their pre-pregnancy weight are discovering the only diet plan made specifically for their unique nutritional and lifestyle needs, whether Nursing or Non-Nursing.

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What Makes MommySlim Different

  • 150% Satisfaction Guarantee. You have nothing to lose except the weight
  • Dietician-approved nutrient-rich meal replacements include vital DHA, vitamins & minerals, plus high levels of protein you and your baby need.
  • Convenient pre-portioned meals (including snacks and deserts!) require little to no preparation.
  • Flexible meal plans available for Nursing or Non-Nursing
  • Diet kit selections include everything you need in one, simple package
Get Started with WonderSlim and Get 14 Free Meals