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Helps trim unwanted pounds after pregnancy

Join the thousands of women who’ve lost weight with help from one of the tasty, easy to follow WonderSlim plans! Now, with the MommySlim program, new moms looking to return to their pre-pregnancy weight are discovering the only diet plan made specifically for their unique nutritional and lifestyle needs, whether Nursing or Non-Nursing.

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Why Moms Are Loving MommySlim

WonderSlim is so confident in MommySlim’s dietician-reviewed meal plans and food options, they come with an industry-leading 150% Satisfaction Guarantee. Take Stacey, a new mom who lost 7lbs* in her first week on the MommySlim Core Plan:

I have to say that so far I am very satisfied and surprised at how awesome this entire package was. I am one week into the MommySlim Core Plan and I’ve lost 7 lbs* doing just the diet alone without any exercise. Everything from the shakes, gourmet bars, snacks and lite entrees have tasted delicious and are very filling. Totally worth the money!

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Or Aimee1, a busy mom who lost weight and felt a much-needed energy boost while using the 4-Week Premium Kit:

I lost 5 to 6 pounds* this month, which is great, but what is even better is how I feel. I have the energy I need to run around after my kids all day. My clothes fit better and I just feel better about life!

Try a MommySlim Premium 4-Week Diet Kit Like Aimee's!

If you’re a new mom, have toddlers, or even a soon-to-be mom focused on weight loss and nutrition while balancing the demands of parenthood, here are just a few reasons MommySlim may be the perfect choice for you.

  • Nutrient-rich meal replacements include vital plant-based DHA, Vitamins & minerals and high levels of protein you and your baby need
  • Convenient pre-portioned meals require little to no preparation
  • A variety of flexible meal plans available for Nursing or Non-Nursing moms
  • Diet kit selections make shopping easy- everything you need in one simple package

*Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
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