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Some of us take comfort in the old adage “the camera adds about 10 pounds” to your image. The day Danielle saw a photo of herself standing next to a coworker, however, there was no comfort; there was only pain. Although she liked her coworker, she had always thought of her as a large woman, much larger than herself. Staring at the photograph, she saw no difference in their sizes. As the cold reality washed over her, Danielle realized she had to get serious about losing weight.

In retrospect, Danielle tells us, part of her knew she was carrying extra weight and she had begun to notice how it was impacting her life. “I never wanted to do anything, go anywhere, or be in social environments. I was uncomfortable in my clothes, felt bloated and found myself getting grumpy and moody more and more often because I was not happy with myself.”

She began her weight loss journey trying several diet programs. She counted points and went to meetings and temporarily lost weight. Unfortunately, the pounds soon came back and so did her mental and physical discomfort. She finally decided to see a nutritionist to better understand what she needed to do lose the unwanted weight and keep it off.

After analyzing what Danielle had been eating, the nutritionist recommended the WonderSlim Diet Plan as a way to reduce her consumption of carbs and increase her intake of protein. Within a month, she began to see results and those results eventually led to a loss of 50 pounds and much improved physical and mental outlook. Having sustained that weight loss for over two years, Danielle feels like a whole new person.

“I have more energy,” she told us, “I feel alert, well-rested, happy and more confident than ever.”

Danielle is still using WonderSlim products as part of her weight management routine and is still enjoying the benefits. “I love the variety and the focus on healthy eating,” she said, “With WonderSlim products, you can indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free. A Chocomint pudding/shake beats out a 100-calorie snack pack any day!”


Fateemah had got used to hiding. As she explained it to us, “I hid myself after ballooning up to 210. I didn’t go to functions with family and friends because nothing fit me correctly and I was very unhappy.” In addition to the emotional pain she was feeling, her weight gain had begun to impact her body. Lower back pain became a constant and unwelcome companion. When she found herself having to purchase size 18 pants to host her daughter’s first birthday party, Fateemah realized she had to something to shed the excess pounds she had put on..

When personal trainers and diet pills were unsuccessful, she began searching the Internet for a program that would better fit her lifestyle. Upon discovering WonderSlim products, she decided to give them a try. She began consuming seven WonderSlim shakes and two small meals a day. After losing a pound in the first two days, she was encouraged to continue with her program and her determination paid off. Over time, Fateemah lost 65 pounds and dropped from a size 18 to a size 6* and her back feels much better. These days, she is an active, social and self-confident woman. “My husband is so proud of me,” she says, “and my friends always come to me for weight loss tips now!”

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