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Actual Customer Reviews


Delicious & Effective

I was previously on Medifast. But kept reading how Wonderslim is less expensive, tastes better and is just as effective, so I tried it. ALL TRUE!! Love it! I would highly recommend. Especially now that Medifast discontinued their discount program. Another plus with Wonderslim is that you don't need to keep your credit card on file for automatic delivery--You order when you want to. The minimum for free shipping is also much, much less than Medifast.
- Mary from Pennsylvania


OMG! Loved it all!

I'm a former medifast customer. I ordered their 4wk package and realized I only liked shakes and bars. With Wonderslim, I LOVED IT ALL! I ordered it on Friday and it was at my post office on Monday! The shakes/puddings/smoothies mix very well. Sloppy Joe and mac n cheese was delish! Cheesecake tastes sinful! I'm losing weight and it tastes great!
- Becki from New York


Liking these products

I am really enjoying the Wonderslim products and have lost 10 lbs in just over a week*. The shakes and bars are very good - and surprisingly filling. The Vegetarian Joe and Spicy Cheese and Pasta are excellent! I enjoy the hotcakes, oatmeal and cold cereal too. The soups are just so-so, I spice them up with salt and pepper. I have tried the competition and Wonderslim is superior in taste, texture and price.
- Shannon from Texas


Better Than Medifast All The Way Around

This product is superior to Medifast on every level. WonderSlim tastes so much better, the cost is very reasonable, you don't get gouged in the wallet on shipping, delivery is FAST and the customer service leaves Medifast in the dust! There is no magic in Medifast! Wonderslim is the best product I have found for weight loss and to help maintain weight loss. I wish everyone on Medifast would just try Wonderslim! Wonderslim works, tastes great, reasonable cost and World Class customer service!
- Claire from Connecticut


I Have Been Using Medifast

I have been using the Medifast and this product is SUPERIOR to Medifast as far as taste. I love the plan! I wish I had known about WonderSlim before the other plan. I would have saved money and really been enjoying my food rather than choking down the horrible shakes! I told several friends about this plan and they have switched.
- Janice from Massachusetts

* Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.