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Whatever way you're looking to improve, from starting the journey of weight loss, to losing a few pounds, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our WonderSlim blog is a resource center packed with advice, motivation, recipes and WonderSlim plan information to help empower you to live lighter and live even better.

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Drop the Candy Bar with These Healthy Snack Options

The allure of unhealthy snacks is understandable..convenience, amazing flavor, a quick boost. Then comes the crash, and then the pounds begin to slowly increase. What if you could get those same things, but with a healthy snack? From low-carb, to low-calorie, to gluten free..we've put together a huge list of satisfying alternative snack choices to keep you on track.

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low cal margarita

Recipe: WonderSlimarita

Turn a summertime favorite drink into a lower-calorie poolside staple. This refreshing, WonderSlim-infused Margarita recipe is certified bathing-suit friendly. Check it out on our blog.

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New From WonderSlim: Online Meal Plan Tracking

Now, tracking your meals, foods and calories with any of our WonderSlim Diet Kits is easier than ever! With our online diet tools included on the new MyWonderSlim site, simply pick your meal plan, click the WonderSlim foods and grocery foods you had that day, and the nutritional info is automatically added. Learn more about using MyWonderSlim in this "how-to" article on our weight management blog.

step by step

Did You Know? WonderSlim Plan Tricks

Make your WonderSlim Mocha Cream shake taste like it came from a fancy coffee shop? A WonderSlim snack bar can be a cool treat on a hot summer's day? Yep. Find out how, and more tips from plan users in the latest entry from WonderSlim 101.

dieting stress

You CAN Break the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting

There seems to be a new 'miracle diet' cropping up every day. If your head is spinning you're not alone. In this post, we explore some of the ways you can change your mindset about losing weight, while looking at a myth about not being able to enjoy eating when you're dieting, over on our blog.