The Best 2-Week Weight Loss Diet Plans Compared

Looking to lose weight in two weeks? You’re not alone! Which is probably why there are so many 2-week diets out there. But with all the hype, it’s hard to tell which 2-week diet is right for you. We’ve done the work for you and have reviewed some of the most popular 2-week diets to help you make the right choice when trying to lose weight fast.


Let’s have a look:

Dr. Oz’s 2-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

The Dr. Oz 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan has fans raving about its weight loss, but is it for everyone? We think this is one of the most difficult diets of all 2-week plans. Caffeine lovers will have a tough time because green tea is the only caffeinated beverage allowed. Say goodbye to white sugar, wheat, alcohol, sweeteners, and dairy except for Greek yogurt. Replace those items with lots of vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, and healthy grains. And if you’re up for it, a “detoxifying broth” and a detox bath daily.

The Dr. Oz Diet doesn’t allow for a lot of foods most folks are used to eating and would therefore be easiest to stick to for people who are used to restrictive diets. The lack of ready-made food makes it even more difficult, particularly for dieters on-the-go who will need to spend time on food prep

High Protein, Low Carb Portion-Controlled Meal Replacement Diets

WonderSlim $121-$195 for 2 weeks

The WonderSlim 2-week diet kits lets you design a customized high protein, low carb diet plan, and includes tons of tasty foods to make your diet easy to track and follow. Customize your food choices from a menu of breakfasts, lunches, snack bars, snacks, meal replacement shakes, and smoothies, and even desserts that help crush cravings

The only tracking or counting you have to do is check off what you eat. The 100-calorie 15 grams of protein shakes’ first ingredient is “medical grade protein (calcium caseinate,”) which is designed to keep you fuller for longer. The shakes come in 14 different varieties, all customizable by you for your 2-week diet kit. Compare this to Medifast, whose shakes’ first ingredient is “soy protein isolate” and has only 5 flavors of shakes.

Medifast $156-$215 for 2 Weeks

The Medifast 2-week diet plan is $156-$215. It’s a low carb, high protein diet plan that comes with food, like WonderSlim. The idea of Medifast is similar to WonderSlim - offer dieters foods with the caloric restrictions and nutrients they need, including plenty of convenience foods, which allows dieters to eat, snack, and enjoy dessert and makes it easier to stay on the plan (and losing weight). They have five flavors of shakes and the first ingredient is “soy protein isolate,” which is not medical grade protein so tat was disappointing.

Tracking is easy just eat off your plan, but when you order Medifast’s various 2-week plans, Medifast has already chosen all of the items that go in your kit. This is a huge downside and creates an unnecessary reason for you to fail in the diet or spend money. Keeping track of your diet on Medifast is easy, but the lack of flavors on shakes and

Nutrisystem $284.99-389.99 for 4 Weeks

Nutrisystem doesn’t offer a 2-week diet plan, so that’s a major downside if you’re only looking to do a 2-week plan. The food looks delicious, but you can’t see what comes in the plan until you enter your email and shipping details, which is inconvenient if you’re just comparing diet plans and not ready to purchase. The food variety is more than WonderSlim, particularly when it comes to carbs. The muffins, cinnamon rolls, and waffles, which WonderSlim doesn’t have, had great reviews and look delicious and filling.

Nutrisystem is a diet program for weight loss featuring frozen food. The ice cream sandwich looks like a treat for any dieter! But where Nutrisystem lacks a bit is when it comes to comfort snacks, like chips, puffs, and pretzels. WonderSlim and Medifast both have a variety of snack options in favorite flavors. Nutrisystem’s diet plans are pricier than WonderSlim’s 4 week program,which ranges $200-299, but you do get frozen food which does look delicious. Choosing a plan you can afford is important, especially to maintain weight loss. As far as we can see on the Nutrisystem website, you can’t buy a la carte, which seems like it could be frustrating.

The New 2 Week Diet Plan by Brian Flatt

Brian Flatt is a world-renowned nutritionist, personal trainer, and author. His 2-week diet plan prides itself on transforming your body into a “Fat-Burning Furnace” and boasts 8-16lbs of weight loss in two weeks. This plan focuses on both the nutritional and fitness aspect to weight loss and is specially designed for rapid weight loss.

One reviewer describes the menu as, “an amalgamation of low-fat, low-carb, calorie-counting, fasting, and raw foods diet.” The diet is customizable but does not include food to make sticking to it as convenient as a meal replacement diet or one that includes frozen foods.

The diet plan consists of 4 individual ebooks:

  • The launch handbook

  • The activity handbook

  • Diet handbook

  • Bonus reports

The Brian Flatt 2-week diet plan caters more for those mentally prepared for the strenuous diet involved. Although there are many pros to this 2-week diet plan and customers report rapid weight loss results there is no long term eating plan and the plan does not include food.


Whether you choose Dr.Oz, Brian Flatt’s or a meal replacement diet like WonderSlim, Medifast, or Nutrisystem, we recommend consulting your doctor or a dietician first. Losing weight fast is something you should speak with your doctor about. Losing weight dramatically is possible, but not all diets offer sustainable solutions and long-term eating plans.