The best 4-Week diets Compared

Looking to lose weight fast? A 4-week diet could be the right choice, especially for those who want to keep the weight off. A 4-week plan can give you the guidance you need to meet your weight loss goals and make significant changes in your eating habits. The right diet will curb your cravings, help you lose weight without feeling deprived, and give you tools for your new lighter life.


Let’s have a look at some of the best:

Medifast 4-Week Diet Plan

Medifast is a popular diet plan that uses the meal replacement weight loss model. The 4-Week program starts at $339-$395 and includes 140 meal replacements, so it’s a bit on the expensive side compared to WonderSlim. The main ingredient in their shakes is soy protein isolate, which is downside for some consumers. The upside would be that the shakes are dairy-free or vegan, but they include both soy and dairy protein.

When you buy diet plans from Medifast, you save money instantly and get customer rewards, but the items in the diet plan are not customizable. For example, when you order their 4-week diet kits all the foods are already chosen for you. The only customization you can do is choose from gluten free, on-the-go or the upgraded plan, which is $395 and comes with more food. You can also buy food for $19.50/box, which is helpful but might be frustrating.

Medifast customers rave about losing weight, but complain around not liking the food, the high cost, and the diet being too restrictive (no fruit, low carbs). Medifast offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. As with any diet, always consult your doctor.


WonderSlim 4-Week Portion-Controlled Meal Replacement Diet

WonderSlim 4 Week Diet Kits cost from $200-$299, which includes meals, snacks, shakes, desserts, and bars - plus free vitamins, fish oil, and a shaker bottle. WonderSlim lets you 100% customize your own menu from a variety of options in each category (breakfast, snacks, etc.) and you always choose the flavor of your shakes. If you want to buy by the box, you can get most of the food for $13.95/box, with savings up to 30% off when you buy in bulk.

WonderSlim aims to keep you satisfied throughout the day. It’s a shake-based program, with 12 flavors of 100-calories shakes with 15 grams of protein. The first ingredients in the shakes is medical grade protein (calcium caseinate), which is designed to keep you fuller for longer. The only tracking or counting you have to do on the WonderSlim diet plan is check off what you eat.

The main focus of this 4-week high protein, low-carb diet plan is to curb cravings by providing satisfying snacks and meals throughout the day. The plan includes a huge variety of smooth and creamy meal replacement shakes that quash hunger. Each meal option is perfectly balanced with the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Fans of WonderSlim love the food and the frequent eating, including fruit & low-carb foods. WonderSlim has a 150% money back guarantee, which makes it one of the most attractive offers of all 4-week diet plans! And of course consult your doctor before you try WonderSlim. 

Learn more about the WonderSlim premium 4-week diet plan and order here.

Lisa Lillian’s Hungry Girl’s 4-Week Plan to Drop 10 Pounds 

Lisa Lillian’s Hungry Girl’s 4-week plan, endorsed by Dr. Oz well-known TV personality and author, is a trendy 4-week diet plan. Lisa Lillian is a best selling author and producer, with millions of online followers. The Hungry Girl’s 4-week plan takes your favorite recipes and cuts the calories and fat grams, but not the portions. There are 4 rules that shape this diet plan:

  1. High protein breakfast every day.

  2. Supersize your portions for lunch and dinner - loading up on nutrient-dense vegetables.

  3. Indulge in guilt-free high protein snacks to curb appetite

This 4-week diet plan has an emphasis on lean protein, low-fat dairy, fresh fruits and a lot of vegetables. Lisa encourages gigantic portions.

Although this plan seems to work as a 4-week diet plan, it requires a lot of preparation and cooking of meals which can make it hard to sustain long term. Medifast and WonderSlim both come with food, so it makes eating much easier. Someone on the Hungry Girl 4-week plan can try high-protein foods of WonderSlim of Medifast to help stay on track. Both WonderSlim and Medifast offer 15 gram protein shakes and bars, which makes on-the-go dieting easier and results easier to attain. As with any diet, check with your doctor before starting.



All three diets offer attractive options for losing weight in a month, each with appealing elements for different kinds of people. Consulting with a doctor or dietician who knows your health history can improve your chances of success and uncover any potential risks. Weight loss in 4-weeks is possible, but is best done with the guidance of a medical professional with long term weight loss goals in mind.