How to Break the Weight Loss Plateau 

Hitting a weight loss plateau is one of the most frustrating things associated with losing weight. No matter your effort, enthusiasm, or success, chances are it will happen to you at some point. 

If you've ever been serious about losing weight, you've probably experienced one of these plateaus:
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The Crash

You started off great. You exercised regularly, watched what you ate, and watched the pounds seemingly fall off. Then, just when you were most excited about your progress, you hit a wall. You kept working out and eating right, but you somehow stopped losing weight.

The Sputter

Perhaps you started off great, then decided to ease up on the diet and exercise, causing you to regain some of the weight you lost. This derailed your progress, making you less motivated to get started again.

The Rollercoaster

Or maybe you hit your target weight, and then dialed back your diet, causing your weight to fluctuate a little. Since you were focused on losing weight—but not as much on keeping it off—these fluctuations became a net gain over time as you fell back into old habits.

Please Weight Before You Lose All Hope

While any of the aforementioned scenarios can make you want to quit, don't.  First, while your weight loss may have slowed, other really good things are happening to your body. As Jillian Michaels points outt, you're getting healthier. Your waist is getting smaller. Your stomach is getting more toned. Your arms are getting stronger. And, if you keep working through the weight loss wall, you'll typically start dropping pounds again—usually in a matter of weeks.  

Instead of shaking your head and throwing your hands in the air, shake up your routine and throw yourself back into your weight loss efforts. Consider a few of these tweaks:

One Step (Not the Entire Mountain) at a Time

First, don’t stress out and focus on your weight loss goal all at once. Attack it a pound at a time. Everybody is different, and losing even one pound is progress. And those lost pounds add up.

As Gretchen Rubin (author of the Happiness Project) puts it, “Often, when we consider our actions, it’s clear that any one instance of an action is almost meaningless, yet at the same time, a sum of those actions is very meaningful.” 

Keep Your Metabolism From Coasting

One of the reasons your weight loss is slowed is because your metabolism has slowed. Since you're not eating as much, your body is conserving calories instead of burning them. Restart your metabolism by changing up your workouts.

In addition to working out, you can add even more to your day by increasing your physical activity outside the gym. Use your car less, and your feet or bike more. Park farther away when you go to the store. Do more yard work. Ditch your riding mower for a push mower. Conduct a vigorous spring cleaning, or clean out your garage—and have a yard sale for an added financial bonus.

Reset Your Habits by Rebooting Your Diet

WonderSlim EasyStart 3-Day Diet Kit

Embarking on even a month-long diet and exercise regimen can seem like a daunting task. Instead, consider a full-on, three-day portion-controlled diet plan in order to regain the habit and help start reversing the negative trend in rapid fashion. 

WonderSlim's EasyStart™ 3-Day Weight Loss Program is specifically designed to do just that. It's an effective, low-cost way to get back on track*. Unlike other 3 day diets that may be intensely uncomfortable the entire time, EasyStart is designed to be a satisfying experience, using high-protein foods that are lower in calories and carbs, but pack tons of flavor. This helps you stay comfortably full and nutrtionally sound while barely noticing you're on a diet plan. There are pasta entrees, snack bars, and even desserts. 

You'll have a much greater chance of long term success if you can stick with it and start to build healthier eating habits.

Brush Off Setbacks and Stay Focused

Don’t, as the Mayo Clinic warns, “let the plateau lead to an avalanche.” Sometimes, the wall might feel insurmountable. Sometimes, other things are at play. Consult your physician or dietician for additional advice. Being healthier should be the main goal, and even modest weight loss can mean significant health improvements—even for the most overweight among us. Cherish your successes. Don't let temporary frustrations cause you to abandon all your hard work.

Most Importantly- leave your past bad habits in the past, and keep moving forward.

*Not only can EasyStart™ help you get back on your weight loss routine, it's a great trial run for one of our full WonderSlim Premium Weight Loss Plans. Oh, and if you need to lose a few pounds—and quickly—for an upcoming event, it's great for that, too!