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As a smart shopper, you’re always on the lookout for the best deals and discounts. For your convenience, we’ve created a spot where you can see all of our special savings at a glance. You have arrived at that spot!

This is the place where WonderSlim coupons stretch your hard-earned dollars and automatic discounts shrink the total cost of your order. We strongly recommend visiting this particular spot often; you never know what new wonders will be waiting for you.

Your hard-earned dollars stretch further when you shop at WonderSlim. In addition to our Rewards Program and Free Shipping on all orders over $69, we also offer discounts on larger orders!

It is easy to save. Each level of savings has a coupon code. You’ll see a pop up during checkout showing you the eligible coupon codes or you can copy them here. Just enter appropriate coupon code to collect your savings. You could save as much as $40.00 off your order with our Buy More, Save More program.

Rewards Program - Earn 10% Back With Every Order

With each online purchase, we will add reward credits to your account! These credits will be equal to 10% of the product value of your order and will be valid once we ship your order. We make it easy to redeem these reward credits on future orders. To earn reward credits, you must be registered with If you have not yet registered with WonderSlim, click here to Register or you can learn more about the Rewards Program here.

Click Here for more INFO on the Rewards Program • Additional reward credits will be added to the "Rewards You'll Earn" section in your cart • Online registration is required to earn and maintain a rewards account (not applicable to guest checkout orders) • Offer is for rewards value only, no substitutions • Earnings will be available for use on future orders and are valid for 90 days.

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