Healthy Diet Recipes

Recipes by Meal

Entertain your taste buds by learning to enhance WonderSlim diet foods to make mouthwatering meals, tasty treats and decadent tasting desserts. We’ve put together a collection of diet recipes to inspire your imagination. Give these recipes a try and then invent a few of your own. Send us your favorites and we’ll share them with other WonderSlim fans.

Recipes by Product

Nothing kills weight loss faster than boredom. While each WonderSlim product is designed to provide quality nutrition and great taste on its own, this versatile line of diet foods also gives you the chance to create your own flavor miracles. Here are a few low calorie recipe suggestions to enhance our favorites. After you’ve given them a try, we’re sure you’ll discover your own ways to delight your palate and add fun to your diet.

Even More: Our Healthy Recipe Library

Looking for more everyday entrees, sides, seasonings or drinks to spruce up your healthy diet with flavor? Then check out the growing library of low-calorie, high protein, low fat and nutrient rich ideas that are easy-to-make, including holiday recipes that are fun (but guilt-free!) for seasonal celebrations.Click here to visit the Diet Direct recipe blog.