4 week diet plan

How To Lose Weight in 4 Weeks on WonderSlim

Want to know how to lose weight in 4 weeks? You’re not alone! WonderSlim has three attractive options for 4-week weight loss plans: Core, Basic, or Premium. Delicious WonderSlim shakes, made from medical grade protein, are an integral part of the diet program designed to keep you fuller for longer and quash cravings. WonderSlim’s 4-Week programs are high protein low carb meal replacement diets that aim to keep you feeling satisfied all day long. It’s easy to lose weight in 4-weeks because diet plans include delicious WonderSlim shakes, bars, meal replacements, desserts, and protein drinks to keep you on the plan and losing weight over a 4-week period. All WonderSlim products come with a 150% money back guarantee!

Women can choose from 1200 or 1000 calories; 1000 calories will help you lose weight faster but either will get results in 4-weeks if you stick with the plan! Weight loss, especially when you want to lose weight within 4 weeks, is something that you should speak to your doctor about. A personal trainer and dietician can also help you lose weight fast in the healthiest way possible.

Step 1 - Weigh-in and Measure Up

Weigh yourself and take your measurements before you try to lose weight in 4 weeks. We recommend a weekly weigh-in for the 4-week diet plan. Weight isn’t the only measure of diet success - your body should also be getting smaller. Measure your bust, chest, waist, and hips before you start on a weekly basis. Don’t get obsessed! Limit measurements and weigh-ins to once a week. Be sure to weigh-in at the same time every week. Watching the pounds melt away with WonderSlim will be the encouragement you need to keep it up and lose weight in just 4 weeks.

Step 2 - Prep the Pantry

WonderSlim 4-week weight loss plans have a well-researched grocery list - use it! Plan meals ahead and make sure you have a healthy supply of lean meats and green veggies for your “lean & green” meals throughout your 4-week weight loss diet. WonderSlim lets you snack on fruit so pick up your favorite fruits. If you’re trying to lose weight fast, steer clear from starchy fruits like bananas and try berries instead.

Try and remove foods that trigger healthy eating or that aren't on your diet plan. Kids snacks and sweets around? Try putting them inside cabinets or drawers where you don’t have to see them. Make space for WonderSlim products and if you want, organize your food by the day, by the week or just grab and go.

Step 3 -  Get Your Head in the Game

Losing weight in just 4 weeks is easy with WonderSlim, but much more likely to have a lasting effect if you address some of the underlying issues that cause emotional eating if you find that it’s an issue that affects you. The WonderSlim workbook can help you identify triggers and reduce the effect they have on your weight loss plans. Identifying and working with emotional eating can support your weight loss become more sustainable beyond the 4-weeks of intensive weight loss.

Step 4 - Lose with a Friend

Finding a friend to join your weight loss journey is fun! But we’re not all able to find a match close to home, which is why online groups are great. WonderSlim has a Facebook group for dieters (not run by the company) where customers share tips and WonderSlim customer service is always happy to help. Lots of mom and dad groups, churches, or health insurance companies might also have weight loss support groups where you can get the emotional support you need in person or online. And if that’s not for you, maybe a partner or friend can help you with accountability. Even if you’re trying to lose weight in 4 weeks, support can make all the difference.

Step 5 - Track Your Diet/Exercise

All WonderSlim our 4-week weight loss diets come with a super easy tracker. Choose your plan and check off what you eat, when you drink, then add your exercise details. Making sure that you stay within your daily calorie goal is stress-free with WonderSlim since you don’t have to count calories on our 4-week weight loss plan. If you do choose to count calories, the accessible format of the diet and the pre-portioned foods make it less stressful than weighing and calculating all of your meals.

Step 6 - Keep the Weight Off

A 4-Week diet can lead to permanent weight loss! WonderSlim customers find that using WonderSlim diet products helps to create healthy long-term eating habits that support sustainable weight loss. If you see that your weight comes back on, there is no shame in returning to a diet plan! WonderSlim is excellent because you can buy products as a part of a diet plan or you can buy them a la carte. Many customers report maintaining weight loss using just shakes & bars as a part of their new healthy eating lifestyle.


WonderSlim can show you how to lose weight in 4 weeks, but you have to do your part too! Losing weight quickly without addressing the causes of eating won’t help you in the long term and can even derail a fast weight loss plan. WonderSlim’s Lifestyle Guide is more than just an easy food tracker, it’s your complete guide to losing weight fast and for good. The combination of WonderSlim’s hunger quashing high protein foods together with the Lifestyle Guide could be your key to losing weight fast. With a 150% money back guarantee, it's worth trying WonderSlim for your fast weight loss journey.