Set Your Weight Loss Goal Expectations

Determining Your Frame Size and Healthy Goal Weight

Your healthy goal weight is a personal decision. First, determine your frame size. A simple way to do this is to clasp one hand around the wrist of the opposite hand. If your thumb and middle finger overlap, you have a small frame. If your thumb and middle finger just touch, you have a medium frame. If your thumb and middle finger have a gap, you have a large frame.

Large Frame
Medium Frame
Small Frame

Next, refer to the charts provided below to determine your healthy goal weight. If you have a small frame, select a healthy goal weight in the “small frame” range. If you are medium or large framed, select from the medium or large frame range. When choosing your healthy goal weight, it’s important to be realistic. Selecting a number because it’s at the lowest end for your height or because it’s what you weighed at some point in the past is rarely a good idea. You want to choose a target weight that is both healthy and sustainable.

Women's Height and Weight Chart

Men's Height and Weight Chart