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WonderSlim Value Bundles

WonderSlim Value Bundles (Save 15-30%)


Building a hearty healthy breakfast is easy when you add a variety of delicious high protein breakfast options to your WonderSlim Breakfast Value Bundle. Building your personalized value bundle of 12, 24 or 48 boxes is the best way to make sure that you have fewer excuses to skip breakfast and fewer chances to wreck your weight loss plans. Best of all you’ll instantly Save 15 to 30% off the standard box prices.

  • 12 Box Value Bundle (Save 15% Off the Retail Box Price)
  • 24 Box Value Bundle (Save 20% Off the Retail Box Price)
  • 48 Box Value Bundle (Save 30% Off the Retail Box Price)

If you live within the Contiguous United States, we’ll even ship your value bundle for free. Of course, every item within your customized WonderSlim bundle is covered by WonderSlim’s exclusive 150% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can choose your products without risk or worry.

Using our Value Bundle Builder is simple. You get to select the products you want in the right quantities for your lifestyle.Select a WonderSlim Value Bundle  from the options you'll see below, then click the "Customize" button to make your product selections. You'll collect tasty 15-30% savings when you build your personalized WonderSlim Value Bundles!