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Protein Diet Hot Drink Creamy Hot Chocolate, 7 Servings - WonderSlim

Item #: WS106
Protein Diet Hot Drink Creamy Hot Chocolate, 7 Servings - WonderSlim

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

Protein Diet Hot Drink Creamy Hot Chocolate, 7 Servings - WonderSlim

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • Perfect Hot Drink for Weight Loss
  • Creamy and Rich Chocolate Flavor
  • High Protein - 12 grams per Drink
  • Low Carb - 5g Net Carbs*
  • Low Calorie - 70 Calories per Drink
  • Only 3 grams of Sugar
  • No Gluten Containing Ingredients
  • Quick and Easy to Make
  • Buy a Box = Give 2 Meals. Every box of this WonderSlim product you purchase will provide 2 meals** to people in need.

* g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Beginning and ending your day with chocolate might seem like an impossible dream when you’re on a diet. Believe it or not, WonderSlim’s Hot Chocolate makes this dream a reality with a delicious low-carb, low calorie hot chocolate mix that blends well with hot water or hot coffee. Make your own personal luxury mocha to start the day and you’ll get a 12 gram protein boost to help get you started. As the day comes to an end, relax with a creamy 70 calorie hot chocolate night cap. Bookending your day with chocolate pleasure while losing weight makes dieting a magical experience.

Buy a Box = Give 2 Meals. Every box of this WonderSlim product you purchase will provide 2 meals* to people in need.

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Nonfat Milk, Hydrolyzed Gelatin, Sodium Caseinate, Calcium Caseinate, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Natural and Artificial Flavors (Includes Tree Nuts [Walnuts]), Corn Syrup Solids, Salt, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil (Contributes a Negligible Amount of Trans Fat), Maltodextrin, Guar Gum, Aspartame*, Dipotassium Phosphate, Mono and Diglycerides, Soy Lecithin.


WonderSlim Hot Drinks - Hot Chocolate


WonderSlim Hot Chocolate Directions:

  1. Empty the contents of one Hot Chocolate packet into a large cup or mug.
  2. Add 6 ounces of boiling water to cup or mug while stirring. Stir vigorously until dissolved.


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26 Customer Reviews

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WonderSlim Hot Drinks - Hot Chocolate
by Sue on 8/30/2012
I love the hot chocolate! The raspberry flavored is pretty good as well, but my favorite is, by far, the regular hot chocolate. Tastes great!!!
by Steph on 8/30/2012
You would never know it was packed full of protein because it tastes like regular hot chocolate!! I love it!!! So yummy!
by Alohi on 8/30/2012
I couldn't believe they were protein drinks! They are so yummy! My favorites were the cappuccino and original, but the cinnamon was pretty tasty too! Super rich and satisfying. I'm not sure what kind of protein they are, but I'm lactose intolerant and have to drink soy or egg white protein usually and these don't bother my stomach at all!
WonderSlim Hot Drinks
by on 8/30/2012
Excellent taste and texture.
by Pamela on 9/11/2012
This was really good. I added a little sugar-free toasted marshmallow, Torani syrup and had a biscotti with it. Very yummy and protein too! Will make this a staple in my cabinet.
Wonderslim hot chocolate
by glo on 9/13/2012
This product is very good. I liked both the Raspberry and Cappuccino flavors. I will order this again.
Perfect companion for my morning coffee
by Camden on 9/18/2012
I empty the hot chocolate powder into a shaker bottle of cold coffee and heat it in the microwave AFTER mixing. Just a few shakes and 60 seconds on the turntable helps get my mornings going with a smooth chocolatey coffee treat. All the taste and protein I want with very little of the calories and carbs I try to avoid.

Minus the coffee the hot chocolate has also been a favorite day starter for kid brains headed off to school on chilly winter mornings.

Tried the mint hot chocolate too. Thought I'd like it but that one didn't work out for me. I'll stick to the one I know now.
Love it
by Katherine on 10/10/2012
I was looking for something hot to take the chill off. Instead of my usual hot chocolate I decided to try this. I was surprised it taste even better than my other one. Thank you :)
Great Hot Chocolate
by Pam on 10/21/2012
5 Stars for this hot chocolate. I drink a package of hot chocolate with coffee, a little sugarfree hazelnut creamer and what a treat. Sometimes I put 4 marshmellows in mix and it has a great flavor and I feel like I am cheating on my diet. I am completely full after I drink this mix and this is my breakfast. I have lost 17 lbs doing this, so something is working.
Great winter treat!
by Mary on 11/9/2012
I have been using DD products over 4 yrs. I LOVE the Creamy Hot Chocolate. Heat the water in micro, pour 1/2 HOT water in cup, stir in mix with spoon, add rest of HOT H2O. Heat may destroy protein so I heat H2O first. Add mix to HOT water--I never have problem. Occ small lump but spoon works. Whisk is also good. I like the Hot Choc mix on cold days and find it can help sleep. With the pudding I add mix in bowl and add 1/2 COLD water mix with fork. Thank you DD for the great products.
by Vanessa on 2/21/2013
Tasty, smooth texture, and perfect for a before bedtime snack.
Great Product!
by Elizabeth on 4/8/2013
This hot chocolate is creamy and tastes great. It does not taste like anything BUT hot cocoa! It provides protein and is only 70 calories...amazing!!!!!!!
by Carrie on 1/15/2014
I had a Gastric Bypass in 2008. I wish WonderSlim was around back then. These are way better than the protein replacements I had to drink!!!!
Wonderful Taste
by Robin on 11/21/2014
Very good flavor and a great way to start or end a cold day.
by Dedee on 1/22/2015
Great product. Just like the other brand's product when you add a few Tablespoons of fiber powder.
Great Hot Chocolate
by Jessica on 1/23/2015
This does not taste diet at all. It's so creamy when I mix it with water first then heat in microwave. It has a very good chocolate flavor and is an all time comfort drink.
Night time ritual.
by Edward on 9/3/2015
I like this hot cocoa with a pink zero calorie sweetener added to take care of sweet tooth at night.
Delicious, warming and filling
by Patricia on 10/7/2015
I love drinking hot cocoa in the fall/winter time. I tried this for the first time and loved it! Not only was it delicious, but it was very filling. I couldn't even drink the entire cup that I made. I will definitely order this for the colder months!
by Patricia on 3/10/2016
Love the flavor! I make it with about twice the hot water and a splash of 2% milk. Makes the drink last that much longer and only adds about 15 calories. Be sure and stir well, but adding the extra hot water helps with any lumps.
by Kimberlee on 3/21/2016
Love the low calories but still very tasty. Perfect for breakfast or for dessert.
Makes a perfect mocha
by Belinda on 2/23/2017
Mix this into a cup of hot coffee for a perfect guilt free mocha.
by Annie on 8/24/2017
This hot cocoa was so yummy. It made me feel like I was cheating. I love a good cup of hot cocoa in the morning.
by Liz on 6/24/2018
Delicious and creamy!
by debbie on 4/6/2013
i love the hot chocolate. i have it for breakfast almost everyday! very filling and creamy tasting. i've been through boxes of this stuff!
Love the product... double check prices charged!
by Linda on 2/21/2015
I love the hot cocoa product. Great taste, good caloric/protein footprint. I have ordered many. I am currently on another product plan and use this as a substitute and treat!

However, this last time when ordering, I ordered the value bundle and it never gave me the discounted prices as advertised. I found this very disappointing. The total delta in the misrepresentation from two value bundles is $50.00. I am sure this is an oversight and will be fixed...

Hi Linda, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding bundle pricing and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Soothing and Filling
by Susan on 11/27/2016
I enjoy having this in the mid-afternoon. It tastes good, the warmth is soothing, and it keeps me from snacking until dinnertime. I will definitely reorder.