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Gourmet Protein Bar Zesty Lemon, 7 Bars - WonderSlim

Item #: WS138
Gourmet Protein Bar Zesty Lemon, 7 Bars - WonderSlim

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

Gourmet Protein Bar Zesty Lemon, 7 Bars - WonderSlim

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • Refreshing Lemon Taste
  • A Low Calorie Treat with Just 150 Calories
  • High Protein - 10 grams Per Bar
  • Good Source of Fiber - 2 grams Per Bar
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Lightly Flavored Cookie Center



There are days when even the best protein bars can seem a little too dense. When those days arrive, lighten up with the refreshing taste of WonderSlim Zesty Lemon Gourmet Bars. These exceptional lemon bars have just the right amount of lemon flavor, a light texture and sweet mousse swirls for a taste that reminds many people of lemon meringue pie. Unlike that great pie, though, these healthy protein bars come complete with 10 grams of quality protein and 2 grams of fiber in every 150 calorie serving. If you’re not a fan of chocolate, this is definitely an ideal addition to your weight loss program.

Buy a Box = Give 2 Meals. Every box of this WonderSlim product you purchase will provide 2 meals* to people in need.

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Soy Protein Nuggets (Soy Protein Isolate, Tapioca Starch, Salt), Corn Syrup, Protein Blend (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate [From Milk], Calcium Caseinate, Egg White, Enzyme Modified Soy Protein, Casein, Partially Hydrolyzed Milk Protein Isolate), Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel and Palm Oil, Fructose, Nonfat Milk, Fructooligosaccharides, Water, Invert Evaporated Cane Juice, Glycerine, Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Graham Flour, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Polydextrose, Maltodextrin, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Nonfat Yogurt Powder (Cultured Nonfat Milk), Soy Lecithin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Maltitol Syrup, Soybean and Palm Oil, Dextrose, Citrus Fiber, Salt, Pectin, Molasses, Citric Acid, Honey, Titanium Dioxide (For Color), Potassium Lactate, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carrageenan, Turmeric Oleoresin (For Color).


WonderSlim Gourmet Bars - Zesty Lemon


WonderSlim Zesty Lemon Gourmet Bar Directions:
Open wrapper and prepare yourself for a different protein bar experience; lighter, brighter and truly zesty!


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105 Customer Reviews

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Very good!
by Kim on 1/16/2013
The lemon bars are great. if you like lemon meringue pie get these! the are also a tad cruncy. taste the graham cracker:)
by Linda on 2/1/2013
I am so thrilled with the lemon bars!
I just started, and its been a year since I ordered, so I was bracing myself for
the "Diet" food.
One bite of the Lemon bar and I just grinned!


It was dessert for breakfast! WHoo-Hoo!!
I put the strawberry at 4 stars, as it has a bit of a different non-strawberry taste, but still good with my morning coffee.
by Denise on 2/9/2013
Zesty Lemon is absolutely delicious. For a diet protein bar I feel so guilty about eating this because it just Tastes so good.
Taste like dessert
by Sarah on 2/18/2013
This bar is so yummy. I love lemon ice box pie and this taste so similar.
Lemon Bars
by Kimberly on 2/19/2013
I have everyone at work hooked on these!!!! They are also buying your products because of me!
by diane on 2/19/2013
I tried the lemon bar and I really liked it, It had a mild lemon taste, the bar was a little chewy I hope that this bar proves to be satisfying which I found to help with some cravings.
Great Taste!!
by JUDITH on 2/28/2013
These bars are the best to eat for a snack or meal. The taste of lemon is a refreshing change!!
by Lisa on 3/4/2013
SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love them!
by MST on 3/31/2013
It's nice to have something that taste so good and is so good for you.
Zesty Lemon
by Niecy on 4/7/2013
I am in love with lemon desserts, lemon cake, lemon cookies, etc. so I was holding the Zesty Lemon bars to a high expectation. And OMG, these bars bang. They are so good. I wish I would have ordered Zesty Lemon as all my bars. I know next time. I look forward to them.
Lovin' Lemon
by Patte on 4/11/2013
The Zesty Lemon bars are fabulous. I don't always want chocolate and these have just the right amount of lemon without the diety aftertaste.
Lemon Heaven
by jodi on 4/20/2013
A must have... these bars are amazing
by jodi on 4/20/2013
These bars are amazing!!!
by Patricia on 4/24/2013
These are really delicious and refreshing and not at all typical of protein bars. There is not the denseness or heaviness usually associated with protein bars. The WonderSlim Gourmet bars I have tried have all been superior, but the zesty lemon are great--especially on hot days!
love these
by Pam on 4/25/2013
except they are so good the are gone in no time- savior the moment!!
Love these bars
by jan on 4/27/2013
Hubby wanted something that was not chocolate so we ordered these. Both of us totally love them. We are both Gastric Sleeved, These really satisfy my sweet tooth and we have already gone thru 2 boxes. I will continue to buy these.
by Susan on 5/3/2013
I love these bars. I get to have one a day as a snack and I would choose this one over and over again.
great taste
by nikki on 6/6/2013
love them!!! such a great flavor!!! I am hooked!!
by jchick on 6/9/2013
I love lemon bars, and these taste like dessert. A great, no-guilt snack that's good for me. Doesn't get much better than that.
by Fwanny on 6/10/2013
You guys don't make anything that's not GOOD! Also, I've calculated the "points" (WW) on the bars and none is higher than 5. I like that! Those "Dream Chocolate Protein Bars" taste like a Nestle crunch. I'm going to order some more of those!
So good...
by Munchy on 7/3/2013
I have only tried one flavor of the gourmet bars so far - the zesty lemon - and it is SOOOOOOOOOO good! So lemony and I love lemon. NOT disappointed at all! I am looking forward to trying the others soon - hoping they are to die for as well!
I'm addicted!
by Linda on 7/6/2013
These are the best protein bars ever! I have even used them for small thank-you's to my professional friends. Everyone loves them, and they are now a staple for me.
I can hardly stop at one!!!
by gail on 7/10/2013
These bars are incredibly delicious!! I thought the chocolate marshmallow were good.....these are even better. Very refreshing. Freeze or refrigerate for a great summer afternoon treat!!
Lemon..how I love you!
by Dawn on 7/14/2013
Oh..the Lemon...THE LEMON! It is DELICIOUS. I have to get one out of the box and put distance between me and the box so I don't get too tempted. These make a nice meal replacement for me, and I love every bite! Will definitely be in my future orders. Thanks WonderSlim!!!
by robbie on 8/21/2013
just ordered 2 boxes..got my original order from another website, but will order from you guys from now on. These bars are amazing. I love all things lemon, what a great protein bar.
When life hands you lemons...
by ANGIE on 2/4/2014
For the love of... Are you sure these are diet? next time, I am ordering 2. If you love lemon creme sandwich cookies you wont be disappointed. Refreshing, perfectly sweet.
by Terri on 2/10/2014
Absolutely delicious. Have to limit myself to one per day!
Amazing and wonderful!
by J on 2/14/2014
My non-dieting husband will poach these from me if I leave them in his sight. That is probably the best recommendation I can give them. I love them and he does too!
Love this Lemon Bar
by Lynn on 3/6/2014
This is my fourth order of the Lemon Bar. Great taste.
Love the flavor
by J on 3/22/2014
These are my favorite bars. Very lemony flavor and very satisfying.
Love these!
by Rebeca on 4/10/2014
If you like lemon you will like these bars. They have a nice chewy topping and the crunchy bar, you feel like you are cheating and eating dessert!
I could live off these
by J on 4/16/2014
Your bars are the best!!! This lemon is no exception...this will be a fun and enjoyable way to lose weight!!!!
by Vikiann M on 4/17/2014
I realy love this bar, has a good lemon taste and graham cracker bottom. With a cup of coffee it is a great afternoon treat. Will always reorder this one.
LOVE These Zesty Lemon Bars
by Susan on 5/25/2014
In this case, I always have these on hand! They are delicious! Could live on just these! Well, maybe not live healthy, but I do crave these!
by Bernie on 5/31/2014
I needed something besides chocolate, these lemon bars are delicious! I will definitely re-order.
by diana on 7/31/2014
by Ranielle on 8/14/2014
Best diet bars ever
by Erica on 8/22/2014
I eat one of these nearly every day. No artificial taste. Wonderful lemon heaven in a bar. I have bought 2 boxes and ate them all. I will be ordering again!
by Pj on 8/28/2014
The flavor is bursting with lemon, love the texture, the flavor, these bars will be in my cupboard forever!
great taste and texture
by Gail on 9/14/2014
this is a favorite
by ccsmak on 9/18/2014
This is scrumptious! It has a great lemon flavor and I'm so glad I tried it. The other reviews are right on target when they say it doesn't seem like you are eating a protein bar. Feels like a cheat to me:)
Love these bars
by Lori on 9/29/2014
I love these they are delicious with coffee or tea. They are filling and I will reorder these for sure.
Delicious treat!
by leo on 11/13/2014
Look forward to one every afternoon with coffee. Reminds me of a lemon shortbread cookie!
My New Favorite Bar
by Robin on 11/21/2014
Great lemony flavor. Super for breakfast!
my favorite
by Elizabeth on 12/27/2014
I like these the most the only reason that are not top for me is they have less protein in them than the others.
nice change
by ANNETTE on 5/1/2015
these bars are very good , the lemon is not a fake taste at all, I have this bar most of all
by trish on 5/4/2015
Seriously, these bars are so yummy and lemony. I look forward to having one everyday!
My FAVORITE so far!
by Bethy on 5/22/2015
I've eaten a LOT of diet/protein bars and this one by far is my favorite. I love the different layers and the lemon flavor is perfect. The bottom layer has the consistency of a rice crispy treat and the top is like a marshmallowy lemony layer. I'll be buying a lot more of these.
lemon gourmet bars
by Traci on 5/28/2015
These are the best tasting bars. I just love them. I am definitely ordering another box.
by Andipanda on 5/29/2015
I love this as a meal replacement but will only eat this in the morning because of the high carbs. It's EXCELLENT! The best tasting bar on the wonderslim plan!
MOST Delicious
by patricia on 6/2/2015
The zesty lemon bars are my favorite. If you like traditional full fat decadent lemon bars, these are right up your taste bud alley!
These are the BEST!
by Sherry on 6/24/2015
LOVE these Zesty Lemon Bars! They are my new favorite by far! Will definitely be ordering these again.
the best !!
by Ms on 7/17/2015
this bar is amazing, its so delicious and smooth, you don't even feel its healthy. I love lemon,so this satisfies me totally !!
by monique on 7/17/2015
I love lemon, anything !! however this bar is the BEST, so delicious and smooth doesn't even feel taste healthy! a staple for me
by kati on 9/21/2015
These bars are wonderful! So good that you want more than one at a time. Definitely try them!
Loved these
by Angela on 9/24/2015
I have been doing medifast and wanted something different. I love lemon flavor cookies and cakes. These were really good. Almost too good. I will always keep them as a little treat. They have a lemon flavor and are crispy and chewy.
by Linda on 11/7/2015
This is my favorite bar! Great taste and satisfying!
by Lynn on 11/22/2015
A yummy great bar. I keep these and a few others on hand for great option.
When I am needing a snack I tell my husband I am going to the store, he now knows my store is the pantry for a good snack.
Zesty goodness
by Jolie on 11/29/2015
These bars are so yummy. I wouldn't notice the difference between them an a traditional lemon bar I would buy from the market. Would eat them even if I weren't dieting. Great recipe.
by Aleena on 12/15/2015
I am a chocolate lover first with lemon coming in a close second. This bar is without a doubt my favorite Wonderslim product. I love the strong lemon flavor, it is the perfect combination of creamy and chewy. I save these for a special treat!
Wow wow wow
by Charlene on 1/28/2016
Dangerously good. Like a little piece of heaven in my mouth. Yum!
Better than a Non-Diet Bar
by Deanna on 3/11/2016
OMG! I LOVE LEMON!!!! You have a gem here with this lemon bar!!! I would choose this even were I not intending to lose weight. I really do love lemon and chocolate but the problem with most non-diet bars is, the flavor of lemon is normally not prevalent enough. What usually happens is that when increasing flavor, more sugar is also added and the sugar balance becomes so overpowering. This results in a treat that is inedible because it is far sweeter than it is lemony. This also used to happen a lot with chocolate treats too, but since bitter/dark chocolate has become trendy, the mainstream treat industry figured it out... well a little. :)
Yummy bar
by Mari on 3/23/2016
This bar is full of flavor. For me the texture is like a rice krispie bar. Will definitely reorder again and again.
My Favorite
by Kathy on 4/12/2016
I love lemon so these help fix my cravings with a nice zesty lemon flavor.
Delicious cookie more than a bar
by Elizabeth on 4/14/2016
I am not sold on these substitute foods but this lemon bar is way beyond expectation. I am a Brit and it was the most scrummy cookie with a cuppa tea. Who knew? Haven't tasted anything else as yet.
Very good. One of my favorites.
by Deborah on 4/19/2016
This is one of my favorites . I'm usually a chocolate lover, but love this one for a change.
by Monica on 4/21/2016
This has great lemon flavor that satisfies my sweet tooth.
taste great
by luke on 4/29/2016
taste great, bar seems small, but really seems to curb my hunger.
Zesty lemon bars
by Bev on 5/2/2016
These are my new favs. I love anyrhing lemon.
Very good!
by Beth on 5/3/2016
These lemon bars are lite and creamy. Very tasty! It reminds me of lemon chiffon pie. If you like lemon, you will love this bar!
Absolutely Awesome
by Melissa on 5/5/2016
These are the best bars I've ever had. They taste great, satisfy any sweet tooth you may have, and are filling.
goooood bar.
by luke on 5/15/2016
good bar, tastes like I'm cheating.
oh so yummy
by Tina on 5/29/2016
these are really GREAT They satisfy a sweet craving and taste wonderful.
very good.
by luke on 7/23/2016
very good bars.
good bar
by luke on 9/25/2016
taste very good, fills me up.
by Sheryl on 12/18/2016
The lemon flavor is great and the bar is filling for my breakfast.
Yummy lemon bars
by Betty on 1/24/2017
These are very good and tasty. It has that nice sharp lemon taste that makes for a good bar. I was surprised at the taste, they didn't have that aftertaste that some things do. The bar is a little small, but it did the trick and held off the hungries. I will definitely order again.
by pam on 3/7/2017
Just discovered these. I think this is all I will order from now on! I could live on them.
by carol on 3/24/2017
These are my favorites, very lemony.
by Heather on 4/10/2017
Its hard to believe the Zesty Lemon bars are low calorie & low carb. They taste so yummy! By far, the best bar I've had!
Delicious, freshing lemon flavor with the right balance of tart and sweet.
by linda on 5/1/2017
The absolutely best tasting bar ever!
Yummy lemon bars
by Dayle on 5/30/2017
You won't be disappointed. These bars are fantastic.
by Rebecca on 6/14/2017
Oh my goodness. These are SO good! They taste just like homemade lemon bars. Definitely recommend! !!
Very Good
by Denise on 9/9/2017
Surprisingly tasty! Good for when you want some sweet and crunchy, but a change up from chocolate.
really good
by Ellen on 10/9/2017
I love the zesty lemon bars! They don't taste diet at all.
by Julie on 10/11/2017
Wow! This tastes like a desert bar you would buy in a good bakery! I savored every bite and it left me feeling comfortably satisfied! I ate this for my evening snack, and will be ordering again!!! YUMMY!
by Michele on 10/30/2017
These are the tastiest bars and hard to believe they are diet!!!
OMG- These are Delicious
by Erika on 1/4/2018
My partner in dieting split the cost of the core plan and ordered every two weeks to make it more budget friendly. We literally flipped a coin to decide who could have the last one of these delicious little bars of heaven.
Lemony goodness!
by Lynn on 1/18/2018
Love this product, yummy. very tasty
by Latarsha on 2/22/2018
superb. highly satisfying combination of lemon, crunch and sweetness. desert bar you would buy in a good bakery,delicious little bars of heaven,savored every bite, right balance of tart and sweet and if you have to share then you'll definitely be flipping a coin for the last one.
by Makenna on 2/24/2018
SOOOOOOOO GOOD! They're the best when you're having a sweet tooth :)
Tastes like a cafe bought slice
by Gilda on 3/1/2018
Just the right amount of Lemon! Tastes like a piece of Lemon tart you get from a cafe. I would like more of the yogurt covering.
I would NEVER guess they were diet bars. Delicious.
by Carol on 3/4/2018
Lemony, crunchy, sweet, satisfying...delicious! I wish I could give them 10 Stars!
by J on 3/26/2018
These bars are so delicious! The lemon is soft and creamy in taste and texture. I will definitely reorder these!
Why so many reviews?!
by Charlene on 6/13/2018
Ohhh my goodness. This is SO good. How is this a diet bar? It's like a dessert. You will looove it!
Surprisingly Good
by KATHRYN on 10/4/2018
I don't go in too much for snacking in between meals, however, do like to carry something with me when I'm traveling or out and am not going to get lunch. I'm not a fan of bars but do love lemon flavor and decided to give these a try. I must say I was very impressed with the overall taste and it didn't leave any lingering aftertaste whatsoever, as many other bars on the market.. I will definitely be ordering these again. If you love lemon you will love these bars.
This is my favorite, so far!
by R M on 11/3/2018
These are super good! I'm pleasantly surprised as I don't usually care much for lemony foods. But these are very mellow yet incredibly tasty. I'm stocking up!
by Martha on 4/1/2019
This was a yummy treat. Made me feel like I was having dessert.
My favorite
by Janice on 7/11/2019
I end every day with a Zesty Lemon bar.
by Debbie on 4/13/2013
A nice change from chocolate and peanutbutter flavored bars - need more fruity flavors. Don't get me wrong - I like chocolate - but not all the time.
very good!!!!! taste soooo good. But sugar is 10. Very High
by Rita on 4/22/2013
very good!!!!! taste soooo good. But sugar is 10. Very High.
when we are looking on line to order, Sugar is not mentioned in Product Info.

When on diet plan, we are looking for ways of cutting carbs, fat, sugar and all...

but overall it is very tasty.
My favorite
by lisa on 10/29/2013
This is my favorite bar.. It has great flavor and has a shortbread like cookie inside!!
Very lemony
by Sherry M on 12/21/2013
If you like lemon flavor this is a tasty bar. I use it for a meal replacement with a cup of coffee. Very filling.
Great lemon taste
by Twins Mom on 7/29/2016
These lemon bars are delicious. They have a fresh lemon taste and make a great dessert. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars I'm comparing them to the 15g protein bars which taste as good and have more protein and just 10 more calories..
by Priscilla on 3/9/2017
Like this bar, has a good lemon flavor