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The spring Amanda decided to try WonderSlim, she was surrounded by numbers and none of them felt very good. Her weight was rapidly approaching 260 pounds, she now had to purchase size 20 dresses and her doctors had just informed her that her cholesterol numbers were way too high. In search of lower and more satisfying numbers, Amanda went to medical weight loss clinic. Although she began to see results, she was concerned with the cost of their products. As she later told us, “In search for the same products for a lesser price, I found WonderSlim. All the ingredients and nutritional facts were exactly the same.”

Using WonderSlim products, Amanda eventually shed 77 pounds and dropped 6 dress sizes*. These days, her cholesterol numbers are also way down and she is enjoying not having to shop in the Plus sizes. Her favorite WonderSlim products are the shakes and the bars. When it comes to the shakes, Amanda has tried many but prefers her favorite WonderSlim protein shakes, “They aren’t chalky or yucky, “ she said, “like a lot of other protein shakes I’ve tried.”


Maintaining your weight loss or shedding those last few stubborn pounds are both difficult tasks. When Vandy found herself bumping up against these walls, she decided to take action. “Even being 20 pounds over my goal weight was uncomfortable", she notes. "When you go to your closet...and can't think of a single thing that is going to fit comfortably anymore...that's when you know you've got to do something about it."

Her online research eventually led her to WonderSlim. Using a variety of WonderSlim products, Vandy was able to drop 4 dress sizes, lose 18 pounds* and, best of all, she has successfully maintained that weight loss. One of the favorite parts of her weight maintenance strategy is the regular use of WonderSlim drinks. “I really like that these drinks are high protein and low calorie, “she told us, “Many other brands of high protein drinks and bars have lots of fat calories in them. This is the best part of WonderSlim products. They taste great, they are filling, and they keep you satisfied.” Vandy continues to use her favorite WonderSlim products as part of her maintenance plan and told us she couldn’t be happier. “It is certainly more comfortable to be 18 pounds lighter*. All forms of exercise seems easier when you weigh less. I have so much more energy from eating healthy.”

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