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WonderSlim® plans are an effective, easy-to-follow, and less expensive than Medifast.

Jennifer and Jane are sisters that share an inspirational weight loss story. Together, they each lost at least 100 lbs. following the WonderSlim diet.


Success Sisters Success Sisters

WonderSlim is a Better Value. Period.

WonderSlim Medifast
Price $298.35 $399
Price/Day $10.66 $13.30
Price/Meal $1.52 $3.16
Servings Included 196 126
Daily Meals 7 6
Days 28 30
150% Money Back Guarantee Yes No
Free Shipping Orders Over $69 Yes No*
Earn Rewards on Every Purchase Yes No**
Price Goes Up Next Order No Yes***

* No free shipping until you spend $250
** Must spend $150 to get 5% rewards
*** First order is $399, 2nd month is $460.30 after they charge you for the “free” products

How It Works

WonderSlim® meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss while providing ideal calorie and protein levels, and a reduced intake of calories, carbs and fats. On the WonderSlim Diet Plan, you eat every 2-3 hours, so you'll never feel hungry or craving for more!

WonderSlim Benefits You'll Enjoy:

  • Fully Customizable – Eat what you like. Don’t want vanilla? Switch it out for a flavor you like.
  • Delicious Choices
  • With over 70 different options, you will experience guilt-free foods that are nutritious AND tasty!
  • No counting points or writing down everything you eat.
  • Flexible – Adapt the plan to fit your tastes
  • Earn 5% back on everything you buy
  • Backed by a 150% money back guarantee

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Five Star WonderSlim Review

Delicious & Effective

I was previously on (Other Brand). But kept reading how Wonderslim is less expensive, tastes better and is just as effective, so I tried it. ALL TRUE!! Love it! I would highly recommend. Especially now that (Other Brand) discontinued their discount program. Another plus with Wonderslim is that you don't need to keep your credit card on file for automatic delivery--You order when you want to. The minimum for free shipping is also much, much less than (Other Brand).

Mary from Pennsylvania

Five Star WonderSlim Review

WonderSlim lives up to its name! Wonderful!

I have tried MANY prepackaged plans before (Other Brands) and I have to say that Wonderslim is by far my favorite program ever!

Although everyone will have favorite and not-so-favorite foods, I find that I have MANY more favorites in this package than ever before! The shakes are actually really good! They totally curb any sweets cravings I may have (especially during my ToM).

The spicy cheese and pasta, chocolate cake, caramel and lemon puddings, hot cocoa and berry blast drinks are among many of the products that make it so easy for me to keep on track!

I try to maintain 100 or less carbohydrates a day (by tracking my progress with FitDay), I go along with the plan and add the meal that is suggested and a fruit based on what products I have chosen from the Wonderslim program for the day!

I always call in to make my orders and everyone is exceptionally friendly and ready to help and customize your order! Thanks for the amazing customer service and the fabulous, TASTY products that help us learn how to live a new lifestyle!

Becky from Indiana

Five Star WonderSlim Review

OMG! Loved it all!

I'm a former (Other Brand) customer. I ordered their 4wk package and realized I only liked shakes and bars. With Wonderslim, I LOVED IT ALL! I ordered it on Friday and it was at my post office on Monday! The shakes/puddings/smoothies mix very well. Sloppy Joe and mac n cheese was delish! Cheesecake tastes sinful! I'm losing weight and it tastes great!

Becki from New York